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Keplerian Optical Dynamics Analysis (KODA) of erupting coronal structures

Presentation #206.06 in the session Flare and CME Modeling and Observations.

Published onSep 18, 2023
Keplerian Optical Dynamics Analysis (KODA) of erupting coronal structures

KODA is a new, and to our knowledge the only available data analysis framework enabling a first-principles test of plasma acceleration, forces, and energy budget based on high-cadence, high-resolution observations of solar prominence eruptions (Uritsky et al., ApJ 2022). The KODA software toolkit includes several data analysis layers implemented in IDL and Python, and it provides detailed quantitative information on the time history of unstable and fragmented prominence material represented by a set of co-evolving spatiotemporal trajectories interpreted in terms of the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) momentum conservation equation. In this presentation, we discuss further modifications to the KODA methodology aimed at improving its feature-tracking accuracy and three-dimensional reconstruction capabilities, and present preliminary results demonstrating its performance on a variety of erupting magnetic geometries. We evaluate the relative contributions of the three major MHD forces during the early, intermediate, and late phases of the eruptions, and we investigate the relationship between the dynamics of escaping and returning prominence material.

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