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NuSTAR observations of quiet Sun phenomena

Presentation #303.05 in the session From the Chromosphere to Corona.

Published onSep 18, 2023
NuSTAR observations of quiet Sun phenomena

We present a unique set of observations from the recent solar minimum (2018-2020) of the quiet-Sun using The Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, NuSTAR. This sensitive hard X-ray telescope provides for the first-time imaging spectroscopy > 2keV of quiet Sun phenomena like bright points (in a quiescent and flaring states), emerging flux regions, jets and minifilament eruptions. These types of features have previously been studied in softer X-rays and EUV, typically finding 1-3MK emission. NuSTAR X-ray spectra enables investigation of hotter (> 5MK) and possible non-thermal emission, which are expected if these small impulsive releases of energy are “flare-like” and contribute significantly to heating the Sun’s atmosphere. Combining the NuSTAR X-ray data with EUV observations from SDO/AIA and softer X-rays from Hinode/XRT we can investigate the spatial and temporal evolution of these faint features and calculate the differential emission measure to study their multi-thermal behaviour. We present an overview of some of the quiet Sun features detected by NuSTAR from different campaigns during solar minimum.

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