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Evolution of Spectroscopic Characteristics of Solar Filaments

Presentation #304.03 in the session From Filaments to Flares.

Published onSep 18, 2023
Evolution of Spectroscopic Characteristics of Solar Filaments

We present a detailed investigation of characteristics of solar filaments derived from the chromospheric emission captured by the Mg II resonance lines from the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) and their relation to the surrounding solar atmosphere. Despite being long-lived structures, filaments show a dynamic evolution of their morphology and properties on both spatial and temporal scales. Given the Mg II lines formation spans the whole chromosphere, these lines can capture changes within the larger structure, corresponding to individually evolving strands. Additional derived characteristics provide information on the optical thickness of the emitting region as well as reveal flows and hints of potential destabilization. We present our exploration for finding the best set of parameters for filament identification and pinpointing the loss of confinement.

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