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SolPolPy: Solar Polarization Resolver in Python

Presentation #405.06 in the session Machine Learning and Software Tools for Solar Physics.

Published onSep 18, 2023
SolPolPy: Solar Polarization Resolver in Python

The solar corona observed in white-light is known to provide total brightness (B) and polarized brightness (pB) measurements which have been helpful to determine the physical parameters such as electron density, 3D position of structures in the heliosphere, chirality of eruptions etc. These measurements have been carried out with three polarizer based measurements from space-based SOHO/LASCO and STEREO/SECCHI coronagraphs and ground-based observations from MLSO coronagraphs having four polarization states. Apart from B, pB intensity pair, other forms of representation of polarization as Stokes, radial (Br) and tangential (Bt) polarized brightness have been used. Each of these measurements have their advantages when observed in an instrument frame of reference. An upcoming mission, PUNCH, will take observations of the outer corona and heliosphere in three polarizing angles of 0°, -60° and +60°. All these measurements will be taken from a rotating frame of reference. As a result, instrument specific representation will suffer from poor estimation of the polarization properties.

SolPolPy has been developed as an open-source package in Python with a capability to convert one set of polarization states into another. These include interconversion of measurements with basis as 3 or 4 polarizer measurements, B-pB, Stokes, Bt-Br. It also will be able to provide support to existing dataset of LASCO, STEREO, MLSO, Metis coronagraphs along with upcoming missions including PUNCH and ASPIICS onboard PROBA3. It has been designed to take into account input from rotating platforms such as PUNCH. In this presentation an overview of SolPolPy will be presented with its limitations and prospects of future improvements.

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