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What’s New and What’s Next for the Planetary Data System

Presentation #109.07 in the session Open Science and Data Tools (Oral Presentation)

Published onOct 23, 2023
What’s New and What’s Next for the Planetary Data System

In 2019, the PDS, in collaboration with the International Planetary Data Alliance (IPDA) [1], established the Data Services Project [2] with a vision:

To provide an integrated world-wide data services platform that enables the efficient discovery, dissemination, use and analysis of internationally sponsored planetary science archives.

The following sub-projects are underway to revolutionize the future of the PDS.

PDS Registry Search API: Driven by the PDS4 data standard, the PDS Search API [3] provides the first, integrated search capability where users can now search across nodes and international archives without needing to know who “owns” the data. Core functionality includes endpoints to resolve an identifier (lid or lidvid), crawl the archive hierarchically downward (e.g. collection’s products) or upward (e.g. bundles containing products), search for with advanced search queries on any metadata attribute.

PDS Web Modernization Project: Building on this enhanced search experience, the PDS is modernizing the overall web user experience with a vision:

To provide the current and future international planetary science community with an approachable and unified PDS web presence, user experience, and portal to the data, documentation, services, tools, and information necessary for enabling scientific discovery.

This effort includes both the redesign of, as well as the integration and centralization of all Node websites. Initial user testing completed in May 2023, an initial beta release is planned for late 2023/early 2024, and version 1 planned for late 2024.

Planetary Data Cloud (PDC): Building upon the enhanced user experience and data access provided by the new PDS Web Site and Search API, the PDS has developed a multi-phased strategy to establish a Planetary Data Cloud (PDC) with the the vision:

To provide the data, tools, services, and mechanisms to bring computation and analysis to the data, decreasing the time to discovery for both current and future planetary scientist.

Migration of core applications and pilot data sets are underway, with the production rollout planned for late 2023.

Acknowledgements: This research is being performed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, under a contract with NASA.

References: [1] 12 July 2023. [2] Padams, J. H., et. al. (2019) Planetary Data Workshop 2019, Abstract #7105. [3] Padams, J. H., et. al. (2023). NASA-PDS/registry-api. Zenodo.

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