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Engaging the global AI/ML community with Ariel Data Challenge

Presentation #115.03 in the session Community Science and Public Engagement in Planetary Science, Astronomy, and Solar Eclipses (Oral Presentation)

Published onOct 23, 2023
Engaging the global AI/ML community with Ariel Data Challenge

The Ariel Data Challenge (ADC) is an initiative to foster collaboration among experts in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), astronomy, and space engineering. We strive to encourage the development of data-driven solutions that address both the technical and scientific aspects of space missions. By doing so, we aim to make the latest advancements in space missions and exoplanetary exploration more accessible to the general public. Accepted as part of the competition track in NeurIPS 2022 and ECML-PKDD 2023, the 2022 and 2023 edition of ADC is to identify reliable and scalable method(s) to perform planetary characterisation. Participants were given 4 months to train a model that can provide the approximate conditional distribution of key planetary properties. The data challenge is positively received by the community and has attracted 250+ participants from 51 countries around the globe to participate. In this talk I will focus on the benefits of the data challenges as an outreach platform to academic communities beyond astronomy. In particular, I will present the impact of the data challenge, the scientific outcome and cost-effectiveness of organising a challenge (instead of spending the time to do research!)

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