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JUICE : de la Guyane à Jupiter – A collaborative science outreach tour in French Guiana

Presentation #115.05 in the session Community Science and Public Engagement in Planetary Science, Astronomy, and Solar Eclipses (Oral Presentation)

Published onOct 23, 2023
JUICE : de la Guyane à Jupiter – A collaborative science outreach tour in French Guiana

Context ESA’s JUICE mission was successfully launched from French Guiana last April. The spacecraft is now on its way to Jupiter where it should arrive in 2031 to study its moons and their environment.

Project This high-profile event gave us the opportunity to organize an ambitious program of outreach across French Guiana. This required the coordination of a lot of actors – CNES, ESA, local outreach associations Canopée des Science and Guyane Astronomie, outreach association Space Bus France, Observatoire de Paris-PSL, local education administration Rectorat de Guyane and local women rights advocacy group Club Zonta May’Amazonie.

Building on the heritage of past projects (“Planètes en Guyane”, “La Guyane vers les Etoiles”, Guyane Astro Tour), we toured 10 cities over the course of 2 weeks and met 2500+ people of different ages and background.

The project was organized around three types of events for three different types of audiences: - General public: our team of 11 scientists & outreach professionals enlisted the help of JUICE affiliated experts to organize free events open to all. Conferences, stands at local markets – the aim was to provide both high-profile events as well as peaking the curiosity of unsuspecting passersby - Students: pre-K through high school. In collaboration with local education administration and teachers, we went to classes in remote areas of French Guiana, along the Oyapock River with different activities around the Solar System, launchers and the Juice Spacecraft that we adapted to the different levels - Teachers: for a more lasting impact, we planned three teacher trainings for elementary and secondary school teachers, including general presentations about astronomy, examples of activities to reproduce in class and discussions with scientists

Perspectives It was very important to all that this event would be the beginning of something as opposed to a one-time event. As such, lasting collaborations have been built that will lead to upcoming events: - Matching of classes in French Guiana we visited and mainland France, coordinated by Observatoire de Paris-PSL ( - Yearly teacher trainings through the CESAR program at ESA/ESAC - Ongoing remote teacher training between Observatoire de Paris and Maison pour la Science - Remote presentations throughout the year with scientists in Europe for children in French Guiana, coordinated by Canopée des Sciences - French Guiana is a land of many cultures - Guyane Astronomie, in collaboration with Brazil, will be highlighting astro-ethnics through exhibitions to show the variety and cultural richness of Amazonian cosmogony

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