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Discovery portal in planetary science using Vespa

Presentation #117.02 in the session Open Science and Data Tools (Poster + Lightning Talk)

Published onOct 23, 2023
Discovery portal in planetary science using Vespa

espa is a Europlanet-funded project that was conceived during the FP6 programme, developed during the H2020 programme and constantly improved during the Europlanet-2024 Research Infrastructure programme. Vespa aims to organise the dissemination of solar system data using the infrastructure and tools of the International Virtual Observatory alliance (IVOA). The Vespa project has been one of the pillars of planetary science’s involvement in the IVOA. The data model is now accepted as a standard and EPN-TAP services are accessible from the registry. One of Vespa’s major challenges is to provide access to the diversity of planetary science data. The data is accessible in a free and standard way. A simple way of finding data is to search via a portal In parallel with this portal, which interrogates an eco system of distributed data, we are developing a data discovery portal providing an intuitive view of the content of nearly 200 data services, including the PSA and NASA’s PPI node. I propose to present the data discovery portal and the interaction with the classic search portal Vespa.

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