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Accessibility of Planetary Data.

Presentation #117.04 in the session Open Science and Data Tools (Poster)

Published onOct 23, 2023
Accessibility of Planetary Data.

The Planetary Science Directorate (PSD) recently released its supplement [1] to the NASA Science Mission Directorate’s (SMD) updated open data policy, SMD Policy Document SPD-41a (SPD-41a) [2]. NASA and PSD’s goals in these policies are “to maximize the return…” on the public’s investment in NASA and, “NASA’s investment in the acquisition of and creation of planetary science information as well as the advancement of scientific knowledge” [1]. As NASA’s Chief Scientist for the Planetary Data Ecosystem, one of my roles is to help NASA disseminate information about these policies as well as gather information, commentary, and ideas from the planetary science community and data ecosystem to bring back to NASA and to help facilitate communication between NASA PSD and the community. In this presentation, I will discuss the PSD supplement and its impact on the Planetary Data Ecosystem, its impact on data accessibility, and solicit feedback from community members about SPD-41a as well as PSD’s supplement to SPD-41a. [1] PSD Information & Data Management Policy [2] SMD-information-policy-SPD-41a.pdf

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