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Archiving for All: OLAF Empowers PDS Data Archiving with Enhanced PDS4 Dictionary Support and External Product Integration

Presentation #117.05 in the session Open Science and Data Tools (Poster)

Published onOct 23, 2023
Archiving for All: OLAF Empowers PDS Data Archiving with Enhanced PDS4 Dictionary Support and External Product Integration

The On-line Archiving Facility (OLAF) is a powerful tool for the planetary scientific community created by the Planetary Data System (PDS) Small Bodies Node. OLAF has been enhanced to provide improved support for PDS4 Data Dictionaries, along with the ability to seamlessly integrate products created outside of OLAF. These updates are aimed at simplifying the data archiving process within the PDS and ensuring accessibility for a diverse range of users, even outside the Small Body community.

Enhanced support for PDS4 Data Dictionaries in OLAF marks a significant milestone. Users can now leverage the same intuitive tools OLAF is known for to add custom metadata pulled from other disciplines that OLAF was initially designed to cover. By providing robust compatibility with these data dictionaries, OLAF enables users to maintain the ease of use and integrity when archiving their data within the PDS, and tying in the power and flexibility of additional dictionaries from other disciplines of planetary data.

Furthermore, OLAF now allowing the integration of products generated outside of the tool. Recognizing that data creation and processing can occur through various means, OLAF empowers users to seamlessly incorporate externally created products into their PDS archives alongside datasets produced in OLAF. This advancement enables OLAF to support any data type supported by PDS4. As such, a wide array of individuals, teams, and organizations can effortlessly contribute their valuable data to the PDS ecosystem, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the planetary data scientific community.

Finally, we are also growing the set of data types that OLAF natively supports, bringing its ease of use to even more of our users. Over the past year, OLAF has adopted support for archiving Color Images, Movies, Spice Kernels, and Calibration Collections. These data types join the existing our now further robust set of tools covering many table formats (CSV, fixed width, multipart, binary), FITS and other image formats, and more.

In summary, the latest updates to OLAF represent a large step forward in outreach to cover a broad spectrum of science and data to facilitate fast and easy data archiving within the PDS.

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