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Enhancing Attribution and Data Accessibility in PDS4: Redesigned Citation Information Class

Presentation #117.06 in the session Open Science and Data Tools (Poster)

Published onOct 23, 2023
Enhancing Attribution and Data Accessibility in PDS4: Redesigned Citation Information Class

We are pleased to announce a significant enhancement to the PDS4 model, specifically focused on the redesign of the Citation Information class. This redesign introduces extensive metadata about authors and editors, including their ORCID identifiers and affiliated organizations. Additionally, organizations can now be listed as contributors to PDS4 products. These advancements will aid in searching, attribution, and DOI creation within the Planetary Data System (PDS), enabling improved accessibility and comprehensive information for PDS users. The redesigned Citation Information class empowers data users and researchers by providing a wealth of additional metadata about each author and editor associated with a particular dataset. By including ORCID identifiers, a widely recognized and unique identifier for researchers, the PDS4 model enhances the accuracy and reliability of authorship attribution. Furthermore, the inclusion of affiliated organization information grants more flexibility for datasets whose funding requirements or complex provenance are more appropriately attributed to an entire organization. These capabilities facilitate better searching by enabling users to identify relevant datasets based on author, editor, and organizational affiliations. Furthermore, the enriched metadata offered by the redesigned Citation Information class significantly streamlines the ability of the PDS to create metadata-rich Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs). DOIs play a vital role in ensuring persistent and citable references to datasets. With the enhanced metadata, PDS users can expect improved DOI generation, enhancing the discoverability and traceability of valuable scientific data. In summary, the redesign of the Citation Information class within the PDS4 model contribute to the broader goals of FAIR access: Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability are all improved in the Planetary Data System, ultimately benefiting the entire scientific community. By incorporating extensive metadata about authors, editors, and organizations, the PDS enables better searching, enhanced attribution, and improved DOI creation. These changes will be available in the 14.0 release at the end of 2023.

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