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Harmonic content of Dst planetary indices

Presentation #211.11 in the session Planetary Space Physics (Poster)

Published onOct 23, 2023
Harmonic content of Dst planetary indices

Romashets, Vandas and Hasan (2023) applied fast Fourier sum of Ap index. They reported that some patterns can be recognized in the contour plots cn=(an2+bn2)1/2, where an and bn are coefficients at sin and cos functions, versus time for different phases of sub-storms evolution. Similar techniques can be applied for the planetary geomagnetic indices Dst. The spectral content changes prior to the growth phase of the sub-storm. The higher-frequency coefficients increase, and the maximum is shifted upwards. This feature can serve as a precursor, if spotted. We will present the analysis of 2001-2003 data. This research was supported by NSF grant 2230363. M. V. acknowledges support from the AV CR grant RVO:67985815 and GACR grant 21-26463S.

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