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Titan’s Surface Characterization with CASSINI/ISS Polarimetric Data

Presentation #216.03 in the session Titan III: Surface and Interior (Oral Presentation)

Published onOct 23, 2023
Titan’s Surface Characterization with CASSINI/ISS Polarimetric Data

Titan, the enigmatic large moon of Saturn, is the unique satellite of the solar system surrounded by a dense atmosphere. Although thick and global layers of aerosols are present, with Cassini instruments the surface has been observed at some microwave (radar) and infrared wavelengths. These observations have allowed the detection, and the study, of several regions of the moon. Up to now, all the published investigations have been based on either radar or infrared (unpolarized) data. At the near-infrared wavelength of 939 nm, the atmosphere of Titan is slightly transparent. Then, with the filter CB3 placed in the optical path of the CASSINI/ISS wide-angle camera (WAC) the surface of the satellite is visible. In addition, polarizers, corresponding to two different orientations are also available. In the Planetary Data System we have identified CB3/polarized showing the Titan’s surface. These images bring a new type of constrains on surface properties of this moon. In this work, we have analyzed several polarimetric pictures, using a multidimensional Monte-Carlo polarized radiative transfer model, and we discuss preliminary results concerning some surface features.

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