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SBDynT: Real-Time Characterization of Small Body Dynamics

Presentation #219.02 in the session TNO (Poster)

Published onOct 23, 2023
SBDynT: Real-Time Characterization of Small Body Dynamics

The upcoming Vera C. Rubin Observatory’s Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) is poised to revolutionize small body research in the solar system with millions of new discoveries, including asteroids, NEOs, Jupiter Trojans, and Trans-Neptunian Objects. To help derive the science from this very large dataset, developing user-friendly, open-source software for dynamical characterization of these new objects is a high priority in the lead-up to LSST. We are developing the Small Body Dynamics Tool (SBDynT), available on GitHub:

We present preliminary analyses performed with SBDynT, and will discuss potential use cases for this tool. We also invite community input on the types of dynamical characteristics that may be useful to researchers, in addition to the ones listed in our development plan.

This project is funded in part by NASA-PDART grant 80NSSC22K0512.

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