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Using Resonant TNO populations to Constrain Neptune’s Migration

Presentation #219.08 in the session TNO (Poster)

Published onOct 23, 2023
Using Resonant TNO populations to Constrain Neptune’s Migration

The transneptunian objects (TNOs) in Neptune’s mean motion resonances are important tracers of giant planet migration in our solar system’s early history. Their total populations, orbital distributions, and physical properties (such as surface colors) all contain clues about where they originated in the pre-migration planetesimal disk and how they were transported to their present-day orbits. We will provide updates on our work to characterize how the details of numerical models can affect the reliability/reproducibility of predicted resonant TNO populations for different giant planet migration scenarios, especially for the observationally well-constrained resonances in the classical belt region. We will also provide updates on how these predictions compare to observational constraints on the physical properties of TNOs in some of Neptune’s resonances.

This work is supported by NASA Emerging Worlds grant 80NSSC21K0376.

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