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Planetary Science in the Era of JWST

Presentation #304.01 in the session Plenary Lecture: New Solar System Discoveries from the JWST (Plenary Lecture)

Published onOct 23, 2023
Planetary Science in the Era of JWST

Now in science operations, JWST is the most powerful infrared telescope ever built. I will present the science performance and capabilities of JWST, as measured during commissioning and the first year of operations, which demonstrates that JWST is fully capable of achieving the discoveries for which it was built and then some. In this overview presentation, I will demonstrate the breadth and the depth of the JWST science program, and will dwell on some of the latest discoveries in all areas of science but focus primarily on planetary and exoplanet science. I will also highlight some of the upcoming programs in the 2nd year of science.

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