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A Synergistic Model for Pluto’s Seasonal Variations

Presentation #308.05 in the session Pluto System (Oral Presentation)

Published onOct 23, 2023
A Synergistic Model for Pluto’s Seasonal Variations

The New Horizons mission has broadened our knowledge of Pluto’s atmospheric complexity and time-dependent dynamics. Pluto’s 250 Earth-year orbit introduces fascinating characteristics due to its high orbital eccentricity. Traditionally, the Caltech/JPL KINETICS photochemistry model and the Community Aerosol and Radiation Model for Atmospheres (CARMA) have been applied separately to explore Pluto’s atmosphere (Wong et al., 2017; Gao et al., 2017).

The present study presents a novel version of the KINETICS and CARMA models, capable of addressing aerosol production and coagulation. This innovation enables the coupling of photochemistry and aerosol growth, allowing for a synergistic exploration of Pluto’s atmospheric changes.

The improved CARMA model will be eventually used to interpret the intriguing haze distribution pattern observed by New Horizons (Fan et al., 2022), and project the trajectory of chemical species as Pluto’s atmosphere undergoes significant decay in the forthcoming decades. This synergistic approach aims to deliver a comprehensive understanding of Pluto’s seasonal chemistry-aerosol cycle.

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