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The satellite auroral footprints at Jupiter: A Juno perspective

Presentation #309.05 in the session Giant Planet Magnetospheres, Ionospheres and Aurorae (Oral Presentation)

Published onOct 23, 2023
The satellite auroral footprints at Jupiter: A Juno perspective

Jupiter’s satellite auroral footprints are a consequence of the interaction between the co-rotating iogenic plasma and the Galilean moons. Since the disturbance caused by the presence of the moons in the plasma flow propagates along the field files in the form of Alfvén waves, the physical positions of the moons are magnetically connected to their respective footprint. The accurate determination of the footprint positions therefore provides an important physical reference point in Jupiter’s auroral regions with respect to where they map in the magnetosphere. It also depends on the physical conditions near each of the moons (plasma condition, variation in magnetic field amplitude, and magnetodisc topology). Juno’s polar and elliptical orbit around Jupiter allowed Juno-UVS to provide a formidable satellite footprint dataset. We present an extensive analysis of the Io, Europa and Ganymede satellite footprints, and derive for the first time the corresponding Alfvén travel time estimates, constraining the Alfvénic interaction at the 3 innermost Galilean moons.

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