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Report on the cross-AG EDIA working group

Presentation #312.01 in the session IDEA, Education, Public Engagement, Workforce Development and History (Poster + Lightning Talk)

Published onOct 23, 2023
Report on the cross-AG EDIA working group

In 2019, the planetary science community identified the need for a group focused on equity and justice matters. While similar organizations existed in different spaces (e.g., the Professional Culture & Climate Subcommittee [PCCS] for the Division of Planetary Sciences [DPS]), this EDIA (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility) Working Group (WG) formed during a NASA Outer Planets Assessment Group (OPAG) meeting. The goal of the working group is, like the AGs themselves, to bring together the planetary community to discuss, in our case, EDIA concerns, and bring findings and recommendations to NASA. The entire planetary community is invited to join our email list by emailing [email protected]. Meetings are held every 4th Thursday at 2 pm Eastern and are announced on our listserve.

Our goals for the next year include (1) Collating recommendations for improving EDIA from various sources, such as Advancing IDEA in Planetary Science (IDEACon); (2) Continuing facilitating discussions within the community and making recommendations from the community to the group that has the power to implement changes; and (3) writing a proposal (such as TWSC) to fund an two-day AG-like meeting in 2024 to reach a larger portion of the community. We have previously presented recommendations and findings to the PAC in June 2022, December 2022, and June 2023, and anticipate presenting to them once per year. Previous recommendations include that NASA create an outward-facing staff position for promoting EDIA within the planetary science community, which was based on one of the top findings from IDEACon. The PAC turned this into a finding and recommendation to PSD in June 2022 and is moving the recommendation up to the NAC to be an SMD staff position.

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