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DPS Professional Development Subcommittee

Presentation #312.10 in the session IDEA, Education, Public Engagement, Workforce Development and History (Poster)

Published onOct 23, 2023
DPS Professional Development Subcommittee

This abstract summarizes the DPS Professional Development Subcommittee. Please see our websites for more information:

The purpose of the Professional Development Subcommittee is to have a group with formal standing within the DPS community and a broad base to identify and respond to the unique needs of our community.

Our goals are to:

  • Determine the professional development needs unique to our community.

  • Provide educational experience for the membership.

  • Encourage networking within the community.

  • Build and maintain an information resource center.

  • Strive for an inclusive community.

The Professional Development Subcommittee typically hosts several events for the annual DPS meeting. These include the Student and Early Career Reception, a professional development workshop, and the Women in Planetary Science Discussion Hour.

We also facilitate awards from the Susan Niebur Professional Development Fund. These are generally small grants for individuals to offset the cost of care (e.g., child care or elder care) for use either at the DPS meeting location or at home. Dependent care expenses needed to allow participation in DPS Annual Meetings in any format (virtual or in-person) are allowed. You may apply to this grant at The first deadline is August 7th, 2023 but we consider applications after this deadline if there are funds available.

The Professional Development Subcommittee is soliciting new members and a new vice-chair. Current members can be found at Please reach out to the current chair or any of our membership to learn more!

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