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Hot Jupiters and their surroundings

Presentation #403.02 in the session Exoplanets Formation & Evolution (Oral Presentation)

Published onOct 23, 2023
Hot Jupiters and their surroundings

The first extrasolar planet, a so-called hot Jupiter, forever changed our view of the Universe and our place in it. Still, after almost 30 years, whether hot Jupiters formed beyond the ice line and migrated inwards or in situ is not fully resolved. Moreover, a type of system believed not to exist has been more often detected in the last years by TESS: a hot Jupiter accompanied by an inner low-mass planet. Some of these systems are in a unique orbit configuration where the orbital periods are close to a period commensurability and, thus, show transit timing variations. These kinds of multi-planet systems provide an excellent opportunity to study the atmospheres of giant and low-mass planets in the same system, which will give us clues about their formation scenarios.

I will present an insight into these rare systems that challenge the formation theories by showing our latest results from our photometric and radial velocity follow-up effort.

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