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A chondritic solar neighborhood

Presentation #403.09 in the session Exoplanets Formation & Evolution (Oral Presentation)

Published onOct 23, 2023
A chondritic solar neighborhood

A persistent question in exoplanet characterization is whether exoplanetary systems form from similar compositional building blocks to our own. Polluted white dwarf stars offer a unique way to address this question as they provide measurements of the bulk compositions of exoplanetary material. These stars show evidence of recent accretion of rocky bodies in the form of metal lines in their spectra, which tell us about the relative elemental abundances of the accreted material. In this talk I will present a statistical analysis of the rocks polluting white dwarfs and compare their compositions to Solar System rocks, such as chondrites, bulk Earth, and crust. We find that the majority of the extrasolar rocks are consistent with the composition of chondrites, a result that is supported by the compositions of stars in the solar neighborhood.

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