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Maximizing the Impact of NEO Community Observations: NEOfixer in Action

Presentation #405.10 in the session Asteroids: Planetary Defense (Poster + Lightning Talk)

Published onOct 23, 2023
Maximizing the Impact of NEO Community Observations: NEOfixer in Action

Catalina Sky Survey’s NEOfixer has been in use for over a year, providing customized target lists and community coordination, as well as unique observation analysis. It helps make the most of limited NEO follow-up resources by prioritizing targets according to planetary defense considerations. Target lists are customized per telescope, may have additional filters applied, and are updated in real-time as new NEO candidates and observations are reported. NEOfixer can also be used for other purposes because the entire NEO catalog can be filtered and sorted by a variety of criteria. We will show several ways to use NEOfixer via its website or API, depending on one’s needs. For example, Catalina uses it to create initial target lists, automatically update our queues in real-time, and report our observing status to coordinate with other sites. We will provide an overview of NEOfixer’s features, what goes on under the hood, and planned improvements. We will include a preliminary analysis of how NEOfixer has increased the value of NEO observations made by CSS. Whether one has a dedicated follow-up telescope, occasional time on a remote facility, or otherwise unused time at a large observatory, NEOfixer makes it easy to find a valuable NEO target and contribute to planetary defense. Acknowledgments Catalina Sky Survey would like to thank NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office for its continued support, including for NEOfixer, currently via grant 80NSSC21K0893-NEOO.

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