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Serendipitous Asteroids Discovered in the UKIRT Hemispheric Survey

Presentation #411.03 in the session Asteroids: Main Belt (Poster + Lightning Talk)

Published onOct 23, 2023
Serendipitous Asteroids Discovered in the UKIRT Hemispheric Survey

Asteroids hold many clues about the origins of the solar system. Bulk asteroid surveys allow us to uncover trends in main belt asteroid characteristics as well as identify any interesting and rare outliers. The United Kingdom Infra-Red Telescope (UKIRT) Hemispheric Survey represents one of the most complete surveys of the Northern Hemisphere in the infrared J, H and K bands. Given the survey’s extensive footprint, we expect many of the known main-belt asteroids to fall within the survey data. However, the survey data has not previously been mined for asteroids. We present preliminary results of our program to identify and recover asteroids within the UKIRT database. We expect that at least 100,000 known asteroids will be recovered from the UHS data. In this poster we will present our initial catalog of extracted asteroids and their characteristics. We will present derived asteroid colors as a function of size and orbital elements. We will also present initial results (i.e., light curve properties) for multiply-observed asteroids. This work is supported in part by the Northern Arizona University Research Experiences for Undergraduates program under National Science Foundation grant 1950901.

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