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Spectral Heterogeneity of S-type Near-Earth Asteroids

Presentation #412.03 in the session Asteroids: Near-Earth Objects (Poster + Lightning Talk)

Published onOct 23, 2023
Spectral Heterogeneity of S-type Near-Earth Asteroids

Near-Earth objects (NEOs) are important for understanding the evolution of the inner Solar System and for planning for planetary defense. We use near-infrared spectra from the MIT-Hawaii Near-Earth Object Spectroscopic Survey (MITHNEOS) to explore variation in the spectra of S-type asteroids that have been observed multiple times. We will present the results of using two techniques, band parameter analysis and Shkuratov modeling, to determine the compositions of these asteroids. We also look for variation in our analysis for each asteroid to determine if this variation is indicative of true surface variation or of observational circumstances. Additionally, we compare our asteroid compositions to previous work on ordinary chondrite meteorite compositions to identify potential ordinary chondrite meteorite analogs. As part of our work, we are developing an open-access python-based Shkuratov model that can be used to determine asteroid compositions. This work is supported (in part) by the NAU REU program under NSF grant 1950901.

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