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The properties of young disc-instability protoplanets

Presentation #500.07 in the session Origin of Planetary Systems (Oral Presentation)

Published onOct 23, 2023
The properties of young disc-instability protoplanets

The model of disc fragmentation as a result of gravitational instability offers an alternate formation mechanism for gas giant planets on wide orbits. A gravitationally unstable disc can fragment into self-gravitating clumps which have the potential to evolve further into protoplanets on a dynamical timescale. We model the evolution of gravitationally unstable discs and determine the effect of the different barotropic equation of states (which broadly correspond to different physical conditions, e.g. disc metallicity, magnetic fields) on the properties of young protoplanets that are still embedded in their host discs. We find that the adiabatic index determines the mass and size of the protoplanets, which are oblate spheroids rather than spherical.

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