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Comparative Study on the Genesis of Polar Vortices in Jupiter

Presentation #508.08 in the session Origin and Evolution of Giant Planet Systems II (Oral Presentation)

Published onOct 23, 2023
Comparative Study on the Genesis of Polar Vortices in Jupiter

Recent research has significantly advanced our understanding of the polar vortices of gas giants, yet a unified theory explaining their genesis remains elusive. Li et al. (2020) demonstrated that a finite radius of deformation and an anticyclonic ring (shielding) around each cyclone were required for a stable pattern. Conversely, Siegelman et al. (2022) found stable patterns without the formation of shielding, working with an infinite radius of deformation.

We seek to reconcile these findings, examining the potential existence of a critical radius of deformation value above which shielding is not necessary. This study employs the shallow water model based on the Athena++ SNAP architecture (Li & Chen, 2021) to analyze the conditions required for vortex formation. We aim to identify the parameter sets needed to create a stable vortex lattice under ideal conditions in Jupiter’s polar regions, and shed light on why these parameters are efficacious.

Our comparative study will then reconcile these patterns with observations, and with other polar research models. We found that a critical radius of deformation exists that acts as a cutoff value of two types of behaviors, and this cutoff value is closely related to the shielding effects.

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