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Eclipse Outreach via TikTok — 270 Personal Reflections on the 2017 Eclipse

Discussion of first-hand accounts from the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse, collected through TikTok.

Published onMar 01, 2024
Eclipse Outreach via TikTok — 270 Personal Reflections on the 2017 Eclipse


First-hand accounts of eclipses from the public, several years after the event, are notoriously difficult to come by. Obtained via an educational eclipse video posted on the TikTok social media platform, I enter into the record 270 first-hand accounts of the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. These accounts come from a cross-section of the public located across the United States. These comments provide insight into how the public perceives eclipses 6+ years on, alongside their excitement, thoughts and concerns about the upcoming eclipse in 2024.

1. Introduction

TikTok is a rapidly growing social media website, primarily focusing on short-form video content. The platform has seen significant growth over the past two years, quickly catching up to larger social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. By the middle of 2023, TikTok had over half the registered and monthly active users of the larger (and much older) YouTube platform ( Unlike YouTube, TikTok uses video content in portrait mode exclusively, (as opposed to landscape mode on YouTube’s primary content), with a much shorter average video length of 38.3 seconds in 2023 ( Platforms like YouTube and Instagram have since created portrait-mode content modes to rival TikTok, in the form of Shorts and Reels respectively.

Like all social media platforms, TikTok provides an opportunity for science communication. However, there is one key difference between the science communication taking place on TikTok, versus other platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The difference boils down to the fact that because TikTok is owned and operated by a private Chinese company, government-funded science agencies or laboratories are not allowed a presence on the platform. The list of entities not allowed on TikTok is long, including those based in the United States, Canada, and Europe. To name a few: NASA, National Science Foundation-funded institutions (including the National Solar Observatory), the European Space Agency and the UK Space Agency are included in this list. These agencies’ accounts are prominent in science communication on other social media platforms, often with large budgets to do so. However, their absence from TikTok creates a science communication vacuum, with the role of educating the public in science falling instead to individuals. A key consequence of this is that it can be hard for the average TikTok user to distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources on the platform. Although there are many qualified science educators on the platform, accounts peddling pseudoscience and misinformation (whether it be deliberate or not) are also rampant.

In August 2022, I created a personal TikTok account to share science of the Sun. Having recently completed my PhD in solar physics, and writing a popular science book about the Sun at the time, the account reflected me as a qualified individual scientist, but with no direct link to my employer. This point is crucial, as a TikTok account representing my employer would not be allowed by its funding agencies. My TikTok account has gained steady traction to date, having amassed 48,000 followers and over 1.3 million “likes” across all my videos. The video content includes movies of solar activity, explanatory content about solar science, and eclipses. This article highlights an example of one particular video uploaded to my TikTok profile, discussing the upcoming 2024 eclipse. The public response to this video stunned me, and it is that response of hundreds of personal anecdotes that I outline here.

2. ‘Eclipse Fatigue’ TikTok video

On November 6, 2023, I uploaded a TikTok video entitled ‘Eclipse Fatigue’. The video was in response to a comment from a viewer on a previous video, stating:

Every two years people are like…oh man there’s going to be a total eclipse!! Only happens every 49644 years.’

My video response empathized with the feeling of eclipse fatigue (given the recent 2017 total solar eclipse and 2023 annular eclipse). However, I also highlighted the rarity of eclipses happening within the USA and encouraged viewers to visit the 2024 path of totality. As of November 29, 2023, the 2.5 minute video had collected 469,000 views, 54,000 likes, 1,349 comments, 9,614 bookmarks and 5,235 shares. The viewership statistics are broken down in Figure 1, showing a 63/37 percent split of male to female, with 80% of viewers being under the age of 35. These ratios reflect a slightly younger and more gender-balanced audience than my overall follower statistics, which has a 76/24 percent (male to female) gender ratio with 69% of followers being under 35 years of age. It is worth noting that users aged 13-17 years are allowed on the platform, but their viewership demographic statistics are not collected. The audience also skewed American, with 96.7% of viewers watching from the United States (compared with 82.3% of followers being from the U.S).

chart of statistics including gender and age
Figure 1

Viewer demographic statistics for the TikTok video discussed in this article, which we can assume closely resembles the demographics of the comment list.

Within the 1300+ comments, viewers were sharing their experiences of the 2017 eclipse, excitement for the upcoming eclipse, and queries/hesitations about traveling for eclipses in general. This comment section is therefore a significant resource on the perception of the general public towards eclipses, recorded by hundreds of individuals in 150 character comment bites. It is my belief that this sort of insight into public eclipse perception is otherwise incredibly hard to obtain through formal feedback channels. It is therefore the aim of this article to enter some of these contents into the record, in particular those providing personal anecdotes of the 2017 total solar eclipse.

3. Six years on – Insights into Public Perception of a Solar Eclipse

The section at the end of this article lists every comment from the TikTok video in which the poster references having watched the 2017 solar eclipse. The majority of these comments either mention the year 2017 specifically, or refer to being in locations where the 2017 eclipse was visible. Some comments include neither of these things directly, but are still referring to either the 2017 or another total solar eclipse. Most comments refer specifically to the totality phase, but also included are mentions of totality near-misses.

All comments matching these criteria are anonymized, enumerated, and entered into the record beyond the conclusion section. The comments are presented as is, without corrections to spelling or grammar, nor expansions to abbreviations. The only changes were in adding an asterisk to replace profanity and replacing emojis with square brackets (‘[]’). Continuous comments by the same user are labeled ‘1/2’, ‘2/2’, etc. Comments are also not chronological.

Scanning through the list of comments, you will find a wide range in the brevity and articulation of words used to describe the eclipse. Many comments refer to the total solar eclipse in 2017 as ‘cool’, ‘dope’ and ‘sick’ (which is a good thing), whereas others use words like ‘magical’, ‘surreal’, ‘unworldly’, ‘indescribable’ and ‘life changing’. Some comments describe watching it at their school, in their backyards, or across the country from where they live. Many comment on the long trips they took to view the eclipse, and how worthwhile it was. Some comments describe how important the eclipse was to their life, having experienced first dates or proposals under the Moon’s shadow (#122, 234, 268). Further comments are genuinely emotional to read, as the writers recall the eclipse as a fond memory with their elderly parents, or in one case, a child who had sadly since passed away (#38, 67). Another striking comment is comment number #201, which describes they were incarcerated at the time of the eclipse, and not permitted to go outside to watch the event. There are only a handful of comments with lukewarm reactions to seeing totality and others who missed it due to cloud.

A large number of comments stressed the important difference between seeing a partial and total solar eclipse (doing the job of eclipse-educators for us), and worthy of the travel time. Many also expressed that after viewing the 2017 event, they would be making travel plans again for the 2024 eclipse. Heavy post-eclipse traffic was also a common theme.

4. Looking ahead – Insights into Public Perception of the Upcoming 2024 eclipse

Reflections of the total solar eclipse in 2017 make up 20% of total comments on the video. The bulk of comments came from users excited about the upcoming 2024 eclipse, tagging friends, and expressing excitement for their proximity to the 2024 totality path. Many enjoyed the coincidence of having a birthday on either the 2017 or 2024 eclipses. Others exclaimed they had booked travel arrangements for the event years ago and would be crossing the country to see it. For a lot of people living under the path, clouds above their location were a big concern.

Local residents beneath the shadow’s path also mentioned plans their communities are making, including planned days of school, inflated hotel prices, etc. On the subject of money, many users expressed disappointment that, although they wanted to see the eclipse, it was just not possible for them at this time. Reasons for this were mostly financial, directly referencing the cost of living crisis and lack of funds for travel, or inability to take time off work. One user even called the eclipse “an event only the rich can travel to”. Some users, though expressing a desire to see the eclipse, explicitly said that many locations along the eclipse path are simply not safe for LGBTQ+ communities to visit.

Figure 2 shows a word cloud of every comment on the video, highlighting the top 100 used words.

word cloud
Figure 2

A word cloud of the top 100 used words within the video comment section. The size of the word corresponds to the frequency of their usage.

5. Conclusion

Included in this article are 270 first-hand accounts of the 2017 total solar eclipse, as recollected by a cross-section of the United States public more than 6 years after the event. It is my belief that first-hand testimonies of this kind are notoriously difficult to come by, and so worthy of inclusion into the record. The comments provide an insight into what the eclipse meant to them, how it tied into their life, and how likely they are to travel for future events.

6. List of Reflections on the 2017 Eclipse

  1. Saw the total solar eclipse in Wyoming, now flying to see the 2024 eclipse. Being in the path of totality is 100% necessary. Life-changing

  2. Seeing the total eclipse in 2017 was the most amazing and beautiful experience of my life! No pics or explanations can do it justice!!!

  3. Total eclipse in 2017 was magical. I haven’t seen video capture the lightning properly. It was like I was in a different world or reality.

  4. people that only saw partial eclipse understand its not the same as totality like 99% it doesnt look like that craziest experience of my life

  5. I was in the path of totality in 2018 it was cool and strange as hell.

  6. saw the eclipse in 2017. was pretty cool.

  7. i got to see the 2017 total eclipse living in Oregon, now I’ll get to see the 2024 one living in Mississippi

  8. I’ve been waiting for 2024 since 2017 b/c I’m very near the line this time :D this has been a plan of mine since then!

  9. Our room in the path of Totality is already booked [] the eclipse in 2017 was magical.

  10. I went to OR in 2017. I couldn’t believe it. Its seriously shocking. I’m definitely going to see it next year.

  11. I can’t believe it’s almost here already. Been talking about this since 2017.

  12. I so cried when I saw the total eclipse in 2017. I am flying to Maine for the next one!

  13. I traveled to the dotted line for the one in 2017 it was the most amazing thing I have seen in my life. the 360° sunset was totally mind-blowing

  14. I was able to see it at 100% from my place in 2017! I’ll only get it at around 95% next year, but it’ll be cool from a different perspective!

  15. Bro they are SO worth it

  16. I was in Nebraska last time and got to see the total

  17. I remember there was a game of thrones episode the night before the 2017 eclipse.

  18. I saw it in 2017 because I just happened to live directly in the path. It was really cool

  19. I saw it in 2017, and immediately started making plans for this 2024 eclipse. It is such a surreal experience

  20. makes me feel good I saw the one is 2017

  21. Seeing the 2017 one was one of the coolest moments of my life!!! Hearing the night animals come out made me cry

  22. seeing the Totality in 2017 changed my life. There is no experience like it. no drug. no song. no movie.

  23. I was in paducah Kentucky for it one of the best places to see it it was gorgeous

  24. The difference between 99% eclipse and 100% eclipse is, quite literally, night and day

  25. It’s insane. I was in greenville SC for the 2017 eclipse and it was the best!!!!

  26. 2045 it’s happening on my birthday very close to my home and I’ll still be alive. Saw 2017, and this year I am too busy to miss school.

  27. I was on the edge of the path in 2017. Saw the solar waves or solar snakes covering everything like a wavy tv screen! []

  28. I saw the one in oregon, it’s a life changing experience

  29. I went to wyoming in 2017 to see it and it was genuinely one of the most beautiful phenomenons I’ve ever experienced.

  30. I drove 800 miles to see the 2017 eclipse. changed my life. was the most amazing natural phenomenon I’ve ever witnessed

  31. I saw the one in 2017 and I stg it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

  32. Traveled to KY for 2017 and have had travel plans for next year ever since! People don’t understand how spectacular these are

  33. I was in the totality line for the last one. it was cloudy. sooooo it got kinda dark for a minute, but that’s all we saw

  34. the 2017 one went right through my backyard. didn’t even have to travel []

  35. There’s nothing like a Total. It’s spooky and awe-inspiring and it’s just mind-altering.

  36. Went to Hopkinsville KY in 2017 & in 2024 will be going home to Texas! Been looking forward to it for 5 years lol

  37. I took my kids to see the total eclipse, Bill Nye was there []

  38. I saw the one in 2017 with my son before he passed. I hope to see totality again next year and remember that special moment with my babe. []

  39. I was in South Carolina for that & it’s dope

  40. Lived in Kansas City during the 2017 eclipse. Even then you had to find the right area for the best impact - was really cool

  41. The 2017 eclipse was incredible and we already have our hotel booked for 2024

  42. I was stuck in half a state worth of traffic trying to head north the evening of in ’17. worth every minute

  43. Totality or you didn’t see an eclipse. I drove to totality in 2017 and I will again in 2024. []

  44. Went to Northern GA from NJ to see the total eclipse, it was fantastic! Hoping to go to upstate NY for 4/8.

  45. Bring a jacket, it gets downright chilly! Amazing experience!

  46. I lived somewhere in the path of the total eclipse in 2017 and it was incredible. Nothing compares!

  47. I drove several hours to see the 2017 eclipse and it was so worth it.

  48. southern IL here, Carbondale is like right where both of those paths cross, about an hour from me. took a field trip there and there was a lot of (1/2)

  49. conspiracy theory stuff about end times around Carbondale coz of the x marks the spot lmao, can’t wait to go next year (2/2)

  50. Partial and annular eclipses are NOTHING compared to a total eclipse. It is incredible!

  51. I lived in STL in 2017 and we had droves of people from Asia coming to see the total eclipse. It was really cool []

  52. I seen the total solar at river banks zoo and it was a unworldly experience.

  53. live 6 hrs from the one in 2017. and same location in 2024. saw 2017. I cried. it was life changing in my soul. epic. pray it’s clear!!

  54. Saw the total in 2017. Drove 5 hours to do it. I would do it again in a heartbeat

  55. It’s so cool we saw it in 2017!

  56. I traveled to see the one in 2017 and now I’m going to college 45 min away from where totality is visible for this one

  57. Saw it in 17 in Tennessee this year I get to stay home to watch it!

  58. Was lucky to see the full eclipse in South Carolina

  59. the total eclipse was insane.

  60. drove 4hrs w a friend in 2017 to see it in oregon. it was so eerie and unnatural and worth sleeping in the car lol

  61. As an astronomer, I agree [][] this one will be very beautiful.

  62. In 2017 I traveled to the path of totality only for a cloud to appear during the ellipse [] fingers crossed for 2024!

  63. I live in the path of totality for both and they are SO worth it!

  64. I got lucky with the last one.

  65. I was in Hopkinsville KY, which they called Eclipseville USA, it was so awesome, don’t miss this!

  66. I saw the total eclipse in 2017… I’m gonna travel 8 hours to see this one because it was so amazing

  67. it’s a night and day difference, LITERALLY! you won’t regret it! I’m so glad I got to experience it with my dad.[]

  68. I got to see the eclipse in totality. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen, or felt

  69. I saw the 2017 total eclipse in oregon. Was a very cool experience.

  70. I live in oregon. traffic was a nightmare on that last total eclipse.

  71. experienced the total eclipse in 2017 myself, and will be doing so again next year

  72. Live just north of Hopkinsville ky where they said was the best place to see the 2017 eclipse. Was amazing to see

  73. My dogs really freaked out during the totality, it was funny

  74. saw the last eclipse in Oregon and it is absolutely the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, I can see why people would have believed in God

  75. My hometown is in the crossroads of the last eclipse and the next one. Feel very lucky about that

  76. i got to see the total eclipse in 2017! live in nebraska, drove further out to total country to see it. was so pretty

  77. I was in the line of totality in ’17 and it was so cool. I’m in the line of totality again for ’24 and I’m so pumped to see it again!

  78. The 2017 eclipse was in totality on my first day of college, insane start

  79. I traveled to western NC in 2017 to see the total eclipse and it was WILD. I felt more like I was on the surface of a planet than I ever have before

  80. I drove for hours to be in the path of totality in 2017. It was absolutely amazing.

  81. I drove across country and called off work, sorta last minute and got into 4 min total eclipse region about an hour before it happened, so worth it!

  82. The eclipse Ian 2017 was the most beautiful things my eyes have ever seen

  83. i saw the 2017 eclipse at 100% totality and it was absolutely breathtaking

  84. I saw total in 2017. It was absolutely incredible. It’s worth it.

  85. Live in Casper Wyoming, got to see the total eclipse in 2017

  86. I was on that path in 2017. The animals going entirely silent was sooo eerie.

  87. traveled down to oregon in 2017 to see the total eclipse. worth every second

  88. It was amazing seeing the total exclipse in 2017. I couldn’t even see the actual eclipse because it was cloudy

  89. We saw the 2017 one. It was NUTS! Totally recommend seeing one if you can! it’s an epic experience!!

  90. I got to see the full total eclipse is 2017 and there really is nothing like it

  91. I was in Atlanta(basically) for the 2017 eclipse. The shadows it cast were insane. It was like a trip.

  92. i cried when i saw the 2017 one. it was worth the long drive with my family. so beautiful and crazy

  93. I was moved to tears as well, so beautiful and worth driving 4+ hours

  94. a total eclipse is one of the most incomprehensibly beautiful things I’ve ever experienced. I cannot express enough how much id recommend seeing it

  95. I drove 27+ hours by myself in 2017 to be in the path of totality in Idaho. 1000% worth it. Truly one of the most incredible experiences of my life

  96. we had 2 minutes and 33 seconds of totality at our house it was spectacular I will be traveling to see this one

  97. Drove from NY to SC in 2017. Gonna drive from GA to NY in 2024 lol

  98. Was in Jackson hole for it, one of the most incredible experiences of my life

  99. I saw the total eclipse in SC. It was amazing. Worth the extra travel for totality

  100. i drove 16 hours to nashville, tennessee in 2017 to see a full solar eclipse and a cloud blocked it

  101. In 2017, we drove to Toccoa GA and saw 100 percent totality. I remember even the seconds before the full eclipse were dramatically brighter. So many (1/3)

  102. People in GA did not drive to 100 percent totally because they were in 95-99 percent and thought that was good enough. It’s NOT. Absolutely go to 100% (2/3)

  103. And go ahead and expect the worst traffic of your life unless you spend the night at a hotel. What took us normally 2 hours to go back home took 5 (3/3)

  104. 2017 Kansas City — TOTAL CLOUD COVER 1 hour before.

  105. I was on totality in 2017 and it was the most incredible experience - I’m considering going in April!

  106. In path of totality in 2017 and I just kept saying “it’s so beautiful! It’s so beautiful!” Can’t wait for 4/8/24!

  107. saw the eclipse in 2017. was pretty cool.

  108. went up to tennessee for the eclipse in 2017, hoping i can travel to see this one!!

  109. I made a trip in 2017 to see the "Totality". It’s breathtaking. I will do it again in April.

  110. I lived in the area of the total eclipse in 2017. It was very cool

  111. I intend to visit EVERY total solar eclipse in the US in my lifetime

  112. I went in 2017, it was spectacular! Already have plans for 2024!

  113. The total eclipse in 2017 passed right through my backyard, it was so incredible I wish this one was closer to me cause it was an amazing experience

  114. I was in Carbondale, IL for the 2017. Going back there in 2024. Only place where both eclipses happen…

  115. I lived in the path for 2017. it was one of the most amazing experiences. very surreal. sunlight with no heat! it went quiet and night insect noises.

  116. The 2017 one was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Can’t recommend it enough, it’s not overhyped

  117. People literally cried - total eclipse 2017

  118. i was blessed to see the totality of the last solar eclipse and i’m going to see the next one! genuinely the coolest thing i’ve seen

  119. I was lucky enough to be living in the path of totality for the 2017 eclipse. Life changing experience to say the least!!

  120. Went in 2017. Worth it. An experience I’ll never forget.

  121. live in lincoln nebraska got to see the purple diamond at the top of it when it first started absolutely stunning

  122. that eclips in 17 was basically my first date with my guy. cant wait to see the one next year

  123. in here in Saint lupus. I’m incredibly lucky, I saw the last, and in going to see the next.

  124. Went to totality in 2017 and have been WAITING for this one. GO TO TOTALITY. I saw the one in 2017

  125. Seeing the total eclipse in 2017 is one of the most magical and memorable events of my life.

  126. i lived on the dashed line from the 2017 eclipse!! it was breathtaking

  127. I saw the total eclipse in 2017. It was AMAZING. I’m 100% going to totality next year.

  128. I went in 2017 totally worth it []. now I have to do it again!

  129. Oh yeah… I live on the red line. The eclipse was CRAZY. Not sure I’d drive crazy far to experience it tho.

  130. I saw the one in Oregon. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced!!! Go see it if you can!

  131. In 2017 I made plans for this upcoming one. But now it’s within days of my wife’s due date so I guess I have to wait 20 more years

  132. The difference between a partial eclipse and a total eclipse cannot be overstated. If you can go, you ought to

  133. The 2017 eclipse in full totality was amazing. If you can arrange to see the 2024 one, DO IT.

  134. I remember being in Knoxville in 2017 for that solar eclipse. It was so cool to see it with the glasses our school gave us

  135. I saw the total solar eclipse is 2017 it was supposed to be the first day of school but it was such a big deal that they moved it to the next day

  136. I live in the right part of Missouri where we got the total in 2017 and the next one!

  137. I saw total eclipse is 2017. it’s one of those things that makes you understand why religion exists.

  138. I traveled 8 hours to get into the path of totality. my wife was pissed were driving so far for a 3 min experience. strangely, not mad after []

  139. lived in salem oregon when total eclipse happend and it was insane seeing the “snakes” on the ground, how creepy and post apocalyptic it was

  140. i was in Lincoln during the total eclipse in 2017 on the 10th story of an office building in downtown it was sooo creepy seeing it go pitch black out

  141. Saw this in 2017 in high school, we all got those special glasses and sh*t to watch. Was nice to get out of class LOL

  142. Everyone needs to experience a total solar eclipse in their life. Seriously, go (where it’s sunny) don’t book anything. Just drive

  143. 99% totality is not good enough to see the corona! IT HAS TO BE 100%

  144. If you did not see the 2017 eclipse, I promise it’s worth travelling to see this. It’s the closest thing to a religious experience I’ve ever felt

  145. i have a little bit of eye damage in my right from the eclipse in 2017 bc im a gd dumbass [][]

  146. We loaded up the kids last minute and drove to totality. It’s still one of the most magical things I’ve ever witnessed

  147. the total solar eclipse was one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen. I can see how it would’ve terrified people.

  148. I saw a total eclipse in my lifetime and it was f*cking unreal, now I’m good, no more needed for me.

  149. i saw the 2017 total eclipse and it was f*cking amazing.

  150. We saw the total solar eclipse in 2017. Travelled about 2 hours. It was AMAZING. Core memory. The corona was spectacular.

  151. Southern Illinois, 2017 one was amazing glad I will get to see it again marking an X over Little Egypt

  152. seeing one in totality is awesome inspiring. like you are witnessing a truly cosmic event.

  153. the 2017 eclipse was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen [] I legit was crying

  154. man the only time being in Missouri is good. I’ll be able to see both. the on in 2017 was f*cking magical

  155. The 2017 one went right over my university in Tennessee! We had a big campus event to watch and celebrate it

  156. The fact that my house was under that thick red line in 2017 but clouds rolled in within minutes of the eclipse’s beginning was infuriating

  157. It was an indescribable feeling. Flying to see the next one.

  158. I saw it in 2017, it was kinda cool I guess, if it’s more than a day trip for you I wouldn’t say it’s worth it though

  159. My college roommates and I drove to the path of totality in 2017. Absolutely beyond words amazing.

  160. Driving toward the line of totality while checking the weather[] wound up in rural SC along a creek

  161. I went to the zoo in Nashville for the total eclipse, we were in the kangaroo exhibit, they went crazy

  162. You gotta be right next to the dotted line to make it look real. It’s just tooo good.

  163. 2017 near Kansas City was spectacular

  164. Saw the total eclipse in Oregon a few years back, absolutely amazing 10/10 would recommend seeing one if you can, but now I’m like ’Alright, I’m good’

  165. seeing the 2017 eclipse in corvallis Oregon was the most amazing experience of my life. nasa had telescopes set up at OSU it was so cool!

  166. I drove to the path of totality in 2017 and clouds rolled in and completely covered it right before[] it was still crazy seeing how dark it got though

  167. I can’t freaking wait!!!! 2017 rocked my world.

  168. Drove to WY to see the totality in 2017. It was absolutely incredible

  169. saw the one in 2017, saw the partial one in Vegas this year. will be seeing the next one in 2024 in the same spot I saw it in 2017 []

  170. I was there for the 2017 eclipse in SC in the path of totality. it was mind boggling.

  171. I was in the path in Oregon too, it was very neat. I don’t really remember it but I know I want to be in the path again next year for sure.

  172. Path of totality is awesome - hard to imagine without seeing it

  173. I was lucky to see the total eclipse

  174. I’m in SC. Things were crazy here for the 2017 eclipse

  175. Total eclipse was wicked, we canoed to the middle of a lake to view it

  176. In Missouri the last one was one crazy not gonna lie literally looked like something from a movie

  177. I saw it in 2017 but my family across town missed it due to clouds. Keep in mind you may spend money to travel for nothing.

  178. I was working in Oregon to see the last one and I’ll be back home so. Indiana to see this one []

  179. I drove from texas to Kansas for the totality in 2017

  180. The feeling of being in totality was so surreal. Even heard a rooster crow when the sun poked back through.

  181. My school let everyone outside with protective eyewear to watch the 2017!! It’s a core memory and brought a love for astrophysics!!

  182. Maybe not for you, but for most people I know it was life changing.

  183. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I live in Oregon about a 45 minute drive from the 2017 totality. It IS a big deal. Do NOT miss it.

  184. I was there it was life changing

  185. We were in the field of totality in 2017, it was surreal

  186. last eclipses turned my whole life upside down tho

  187. last total eclipse my family drove to Missouri to see it! This time the path of totality pass right over us

  188. The temperature changes and something magical happens. I won’t miss one again.

  189. I drove 5 hours for the 2017 total eclipse. Best experience ever, would do it again, even sitting in a cactus

  190. I missed 2017s by 1 mile! that day I booked my 2024 trip to Dallas. not missing it this time!

  191. I was in Corvallis, OR for the one in 2017. it was very cool and eerie! hearing all the birds in the park go completely silent at 5pm was crazy

  192. I don’t understand the hype. I was in Oregon for totality and it was weird, but literally just one object moving in front of another.

  193. I went to the 2017 eclipse and it was the first time the depth of the universe hit me. I’m also going to the 2024 []

  194. The difference between 99% and totality is EVERYTHING! There is nothing like it.

  195. Damn. I just realized I’ll probably be in Ireland April 8. I was in Oregon 2017, phenomenal.

  196. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up at totality. Definitely life altering

  197. Got to see the total eclipse in middle school. It was very cool

  198. They did such a bad job telling people how cool total eclipses are last time. Made it seem like partial is good enough. IT AIN’T. (1/3)

  199. A total eclipse is, like, life changing. My parents found it to be spiritual. Esp with the Indigenous folks they had dance and sing afterward (2/3)

  200. where we were. It was f*cking awesome (3/3)

  201. i was in jail. they locked us in so we couldn’t see it

  202. Drove 9 hours to Salem Oregon back in 2017 to see the total eclipse. Nothing like it. Highly recommend

  203. i was in charleston and i saw the total eclipse, it was sick

  204. I saw like 96% totality with the last eclipse. forever wish I called out of work so I could see totality. I was so close []

  205. last time I went to see the eclipse I got stuck in traffic for 13 hours on a 1.5 hour drive home

  206. was in sc in 2017 & it was too cloudy to see anything that day. got glasses & everything & just had to sit in the dark for a few lol

  207. For anyone thinking about going in April, do it. Such a surreal experience

  208. I traveled like 8nhours to go see the eclipse in 2017. only a couple mins of darkness. was totally worth it.

  209. I’m very lucky to live almost exactly where both paths cross. It’s the most amazing natural thing I’ve ever seen. Stoked for the next one!

  210. Me and my friends saw the 2017 one and we were like well what do we do with our lives now???

  211. Got engaged under the total eclipse in 2017, now it’s our 5 year anniversary for this eclipse in April []

  212. Agreed, it’s so beautiful. We drove over 8 hours the night before the 2017 eclipse to get out from under cloud cover.

  213. I went to the one in 2017 and am playing on going to Ohio for the next one lol

  214. I saw the total eclipse in 2017 on my first day of highschool in my home town, right on the dotted line

  215. I was lucky enough that in 2017, we lived directly on the path of totality, and let me tell you, what an incredible experience!! It was so amazing!!

  216. was so lucky to see the total solar eclipse in 2017!!

  217. Even though I only saw the partial 2017 eclipse, everything about the event just felt so wonderful. The way everyone was so excited about it

  218. I was in the red line in 2017 and experienced the total solar eclipse. It was so cool []

  219. we saw the total eclipse in 2017 and it was 110% better than a lame partial eclipse. very different experience! well worth the drive!

  220. It was cloudy In 2017 and we got out of class to look at clouds that dimmed for about 30 mins. We lived right on the dotted line too

  221. I live in nc right where the dash line was it was dope

  222. I saw the total eclipse in 2017. It was wild. Everything went gray and the animals went to sleep. Shadows were crescents

  223. During the one in 2017, my area got almost completely grey skies []

  224. I’m so excited as I was there for the 2017 eclipse in good old Nebraska. I still have the video and pictures.

  225. 100% worth traveling

  226. Most amazing eclipse experience in Pawleys Island, SC

  227. in 2017, my family was lucky. we only had a 30 minute drive to see the total eclipse.

  228. I traveled to an area with a total eclipse in 2017. Worth it.

  229. I lived under that line in 2017 did not have to go anywhere to see it the traffic was insane

  230. Total eclipse in Oregon was f*ckin crazy, it’s not over hyped but you 1000% need to get a total to experience it. It’s not that cool until its full

  231. I was one of those people until I saw 2017 totality and now I’m looking for plane tickets

  232. I was able to be on the path of totality for the 2017 eclipse and it was so surreal. Easily a once in a lifetime experience and one I won’t forget

  233. Saw the 2017 one in Saluda, SC!

  234. The first date with my now-husband was to watch the 2017 total eclipse []

  235. Oh yay! This could be the second one for me! Totality range is worth the commute! It’s wild to watch the darkness set in mid day!

  236. I live in Omaha and missed the 2017 eclipse bc our band teacher let us out too late

  237. The last total eclipse was right over my house. It was an indescribable feeling. Eerie.

  238. Was one of the most moving experiences of my life. Highly recommend.

  239. I was on that line in 2017 and the night sky before and after were breath taking. Stunning

  240. I live in the path of totality for the 2017 eclipse . It was the experience of a lifetime. Try to see it. its worth it

  241. that 2017 one was right in our path and it kicked ass. the entire temperature went down by like 10 degrees instantly while it was eclipsed. crazy cool

  242. Taking a roadtrip to a national park with my dad to see the eclipse is such a cherished memory for me, it was beautiful and definitely worth it!

  243. it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. cicadas started singing in daylight after it ended. my family came to see with me. []

  244. saw bats flying around in the middle of the afternoon in SC

  245. I live in Southern Illinois and I am in the path for both eclipses. The first one was an insane experience

  246. It’s so beautiful you really should try

  247. I was living right where the line was and got to see the total solar eclipse, it was AMAZING

  248. I was in TN and it was cool

  249. I got to go see that solar eclipse in 2017. Probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed

  250. Saw 2017 in max totality outside Lander, Wyoming. The 2024 my house is in totality AND it’s on my birthday []

  251. second time I’ll probably be in the path of totality. I remember getting a pass off school if you were going to drive somewhere to see it

  252. Went to SC for 2017. Don’t know if I’ll make this one but I’m so glad I made the trip for the last one!

  253. Do it. it’s one of the craziest experiences you will ever have. It is worth a trip to see.

  254. it was so surreal like being on another planet

  255. I want to Northern Colorado for the one in 2017, it was awesome! I won’t miss this one because of this!

  256. I loved right within the path of totality for the 2017 eclipse. The street lights came on and crickets started. It was truly a fantastic experience

  257. I was in Casper Wyoming, it was incredible []

  258. one total happened right over my town

  259. I saw that eclipse and it went totally dark, stuff like crickets were chirping and it was cool

  260. Seeing the total solar eclipse in Kansas City at school was crazy

  261. In 2017 I was able to see the total eclipse in 2nd grade and I want to see another one because I barley remember it (I live just south of St. Louis)

  262. Jokes on you, I saw the total solar eclipse in 2017 from my backyard AND it was on my birthday.

  263. I experienced the one in 2017. Eeriest thing ever. Mid day, birds went quiet. Fascinating.

  264. I saw it in casper. The coolest thing I’ve seen in my entire life

  265. I was in elementary and saw the total solar eclipse lol

  266. I traveled to see the total eclipse in 2017 and have been so excited it’s passing over my home time! Such an amazing experience like nothing else!

  267. They’re cool. I saw it in Oregon. I live in Upstate NY, but I won’t make a second trip, gonna be a clusterf*ck of people from NYC

  268. Proposed to my wife under the total eclipse back in 2017. Way cheaper and prettier than some expensive dinner or Disney World. Definitely recommend.

  269. I was in SC IN 2017 living out of my car but I was incredibly lucky to be on that dashed line. It was incredible and I plan on seeing it again

  270. I was in the red line in 2017 and experienced the total solar eclipse. It was so cool []


I thank the Brinson Prize Fellowship for supporting both my scientific research and outreach activities for the 2023 and 2024 solar eclipses.

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