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Searching for Exoplanets Born Outside the Milky Way - VOYAGERS Survey

Presentation #601.20 in the session Planet Detection - Radial Velocities.

Published onApr 03, 2024
Searching for Exoplanets Born Outside the Milky Way - VOYAGERS Survey

Over 5500 exoplanets have been found orbiting stars in the Milky Way, with projections that most stars host planets. This poses the question of whether planets also exist orbiting the remnant stars of smaller dwarf galaxies that merged with the Milky Way, and if so, how do they differ from their Milky Way counterparts? VOYAGERS Views of Yore - Ancient Gaia-enceladus Exoplanet Revealing Survey is a radial velocity (RV) search using precision spectrographs to find exoplanets orbiting low metallicity ([Fe/H] from -2.8 to -0.8), Vmag 8 to 10 stars born in the dwarf galaxy Enceladus, which merged with the Milky Way galaxy about 10 Gyr ago. A pool of 22 candidates from Enceladus stars have been screened using reconnaissance observations from the TRES spectrograph. As of December 12, 2023, the collaboration has completed 285 precision RV measurements of 1100 observations planned over about 3 years using the NEID, HARPS-N and CARMENES spectrographs. An update on the survey design and preliminary results will be presented. Ultimately, we hope the survey will lead to a better understanding of when and where in our universe’s history planets — and life — can form.

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