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Towards a complete view of extrasolar giants

Presentation #601.22 in the session Planet Detection - Radial Velocities.

Published onApr 03, 2024
Towards a complete view of extrasolar giants

Extrasolar giants are also thought to play a key role in the formation and evolution of planetary systems. From an observational point of view, they may hinder the detection and characterization of lighter and closer-in planets with indirect techniques. For these reasons, it is important to get an accurate view of the demographics of giant planets as well as of the presence of such planets in individual systems. I propose to present an overview of the limitations of RV, direct imaging, astrometry techniques to detect and characterize giant planets, and how these limitations impact the current knowledge on both individual systems, and on the population of giant planets as a whole. I will also show how combining these techniques allows finding new planets and characterizing already known ones. A number of new results obtained on Main Sequence and on young stars will be provided. The impact on the understanding of giant planets formation and evolution will be discussed.

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