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Direct Imaging of Protoplanet HD 169142 b

Presentation #603.04 in the session Planet Detection - Imaging.

Published onApr 03, 2024
Direct Imaging of Protoplanet HD 169142 b

We present the re-detection of a compact source in the face-on protoplanetary disc surrounding HD 169142, using VLT/SPHERE data in YJH bands. The source is found at a separation of 0.319 (~37 au) from the star. Four lines of evidence argue in favour of the signal tracing a protoplanet: (i) it is found in the annular gap separating the two bright rings of the disc, as predicted by theory; (ii) it is moving at the expected Keplerian velocity for an object at ~37 au across three epochs; (iii) a spiral-shaped signal is present whose morphology is consistent with the expected outer spiral wake triggered by a planet in the gap, and iv) compact 12CO and 13CO emission was found near the planet, alongside SO and SiS emission suggesting the planet is driving strong stocks to produce gas-phase SiS. The YJH colours we extracted for the object are consistent with tracing scattered starlight, suggesting that the protoplanet is enshrouded in a significant amount of dust, as expected for a circumplanetary disc or envelope surrounding a gap-clearing Jovian-mass protoplanet.

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