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Age Calibration of Stars and the Discovery of 32 New Streams

Presentation #606.04 in the session Stellar Spins and Obliquities.

Published onApr 03, 2024
Age Calibration of Stars and the Discovery of 32 New Streams

The search for stellar streams and moving groups provides unique laboratories to understand the early stages and evolution of planetary systems, as the ages of stars within moving groups are precisely constrained to an extent rarely achieved with an isolated star. The survey we present exploited the precise astrometric data of Gaia Early Data Release 3 (EDR3) and the density-based clustering algorithm HDBSCAN to uncover the kinematic signature of 32 previously unknown stellar streams, the so-called Crius streams. We showed that many of these new groups are coeval and determined their ages using gyrochronology, a method that yields empirical relationships between the ages, spectral types, and rotational rates of stars. We used photometric data from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) to construct light curves for stars within these streams, and then used Gaussian processes to model stellar rotation. This study yielded ages ranging from 100 to 700 Myr for the 32 newly found Crius groups.

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