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Dynamical evolution of Proxima system

Presentation #616.07 in the session Orbital Dynamics and Planet-Planet Interactions.

Published onApr 03, 2024
Dynamical evolution of Proxima system

Proxima is the nearest star around our solar system till now, so Proxima b is an interesting Earth-like planet in the habitable zone. We focus on the numerical simulations of the dynamical evolution of Proxima system based on the equilibrium tidal model. The Simulation results show the orbital circularization during tidal decay in the late evolution stage, which predicts the possible formation mechanism of this planet system. We discuss the possible timescale when Proxima b has to be out of habitable zone due to the very long-time stellar tidal evolution. We explore the possible cases that one potential planet companion may excite a steady eccentricity before it suffers tidal evolution, using a modified secular theory considering tides and general relativity. In conclusion, the general formation picture will be built with one or more planet companions, and our results are helpful for observations to predict more hidden companions.

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