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Direct Observational Constraints on Planet Formation and Accretion

Presentation #620.08 in the session Planets around Young Stars.

Published onApr 03, 2024
Direct Observational Constraints on Planet Formation and Accretion

We are entering an exciting era where it is possible to directly observe the assembly of giant planets, both through detection and characterization of forming protoplanets and through high-resolution, high-contrast imaging of the circumstellar and circumplanetary environments in which they form. I will describe our recent progress in detecting and vetting protoplanet candidates, which requires robust techniques for separating planetary emission from that of the surrounding morphologically-complex circumstellar disk. I will also describe our recent multiwavelength ground and space-based efforts to characterize protoplanets and young, accreting brown dwarfs. These efforts have the goal of informing the properties of protoplanets on a population-level and speak strongly to the promise of JWST for informing accretion physics and disentangling planet formation pathways.

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