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Simultaneous multi-instrument polarimetric disk imaging with SCExAO

Presentation #621.03 in the session Protoplanetary Disks - Observations.

Published onApr 03, 2024
Simultaneous multi-instrument polarimetric disk imaging with SCExAO

We present polarimetric imaging results from the Subaru Coronagraphic Extreme Adaptive Optics (SCExAO) instrument on the 8.2 m Subaru telescope. SCExAO is a high-contrast imaging development platform that takes advantage of multiple stages of adaptive optics correction to obtain diffraction-limited images from the visible (600 nm) to the near-infrared (2.2 um). Three of SCExAO’s sub-instruments are capable of polarimetric imaging thanks to a common-path facility half-wave plate. These instruments are VAMPIRES (600 nm - 800 nm), FastPDI (y - K), and CHARIS (J, H, K integral-field spectrograph). For the first time ever we perform simultaneous multi-instrument polarimetry by combining all three modules from 600 nm to 2.2 um. We present observations of protoplanetary disks with this technique (AB Aur, HD 34700, and others), advice for observers, and considerations for future polarimetric instrumentation.

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