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No Turbulence in DM Tau?!

Presentation #622.10 in the session Protoplanetary Disks - Theory.

Published onApr 03, 2024
No Turbulence in DM Tau?!

What drives mass accretion and angular momentum transport in discs? This is still an open question in accretion disc physics, and an essential one we need to answer to understand the planet formation process. In the era of high-resolution data from ALMA we are now able to directly measure the turbulence levels of planet-forming discs, which could lead to investigating whether turbulence in accretion discs is this critical factor. The disc surrounding DM Tau is currently the first and only such disc with measured non-zero turbulence. We propose that the DM Tau disc is not actually a turbulent outlier but rather these measurements are the result of previous works overestimating the stellar mass of 0.55 MSun. By treating the stellar mass as a variable parameter in our fits of the disc, we find that a lower stellar mass closer to 0.35 MSun produces models which also match our observations without requiring such significant turbulent velocities.

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