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Multiple Patchy Cloud Layers in the Planetary Mass Object SIMP0136+0933

Presentation #626.12 in the session Planetary Atmospheres - Directly Imaged Planets and Brown Dwarfs.

Published onApr 03, 2024
Multiple Patchy Cloud Layers in the Planetary Mass Object SIMP0136+0933

Brown dwarfs and planetary-mass objects serve as powerful exoplanet analogs due to their shared properties such as mass and temperature. Multi-wavelength photometry and spectroscopy of such planetary-mass objects provides insight into exoplanets atmospheres and cloud layers. We present near-simultaneous J- and Ks- band multi-wavelength observations of the highly variable T2.5 planetary-mass object, SIMP J013656.5+093347. We reanalyzed observations acquired over a single night in 2015 using a recently developed data reduction pipeline. For the first time, we detect a phase shift between J- and Ks-band light curves, which we measure to be 39.°9+3.6-1.1. Previously, phase shifts between near-infrared and mid-infrared observations of this object were detected and attributed to probing different depths of the atmosphere, and thus different cloud layers. Using the Sonora Bobcat models, we expand on this idea to show that at least two different patchy cloud layers must be present to explain the measured phase shift. Our results are generally consistent with recent atmospheric retrievals of this object and other similar L/T transition objects as well as preliminary analysis of recent JWST observations.

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