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Orbiting Moving Group Binaries

Presentation #632.09 in the session Other - Observational.

Published onApr 03, 2024
Orbiting Moving Group Binaries

The determination of ages plays a crucial role in direct imaging, offering valuable insights into various aspects of planetary formation. Masses of directly-imaged companions are inferred from their luminosity, host star’s age, and evolutionary models. Orbits of Moving Group Binaries (OMG Binaries) is deriving ages for nearby moving groups by measuring the dynamical masses of binary stars in these groups. By combining imaging and spectroscopy of moving group binaries we directly measure the dynamical masses of both components. Using these dynamical masses, along with resolved photometry, we compute a model-dependent age for each binary. From this method, we are obtaining precise ages for multiple moving groups including beta Pic, AB Dor, Tuc/Hor, and Columba. These moving groups contain most of the nearest host stars of directly imaged planets, including 51 Eri, beta Pic, AF Lep, and HR 8799. OMG Binaries has been monitoring dozens of binaries in multiple nearby moving groups over the past several years using different telescopes. We present the current status of the project, and discuss recent results.

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