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Physical properties of comet 60P/Tsuchinshan in 2018-2019

Presentation #632.12 in the session Other - Observational.

Published onApr 03, 2024
Physical properties of comet 60P/Tsuchinshan in 2018-2019

Comet 60P/Tsuchinshan is a Jupiter family comet with orbital period about 6.6 years, and its last perihelion date was on December 11, 2018. To study its physical properties and activity characteristic during its 2018–2019 apparition, we observed 60P/Tsuchinshan with broadband B, V and R filters from 2018 November to 2019 March by using an 80 cm high precision telescope. Morphological analysis and photometric studies of 60P/Tsuchinshan were performed. Its color indices, Afρ values and dust production rates were obtained. Morphological analysis showed that the comet was active and several images showed a spiral structure in the inner coma; this structure cannot be explained by the rotation of the comet. The Afρ curve showed that the peak activity of the comet was at about 10 days after perihelion. Compared to other Jupiter family comets at similar heliocentric distances, we found that 60P/Tsuchinshan was a very active comet. Dynamical analysis showed that the perihelion distance of 60P/Tsuchinshan was reduced from 1.77 to 1.62 au due to the close encounter with Jupiter that occurred on 2008 December 20, this may increase its activity in the next apparition.

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