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Hot Gas X-ray Luminosity Function of Normal Galaxies

Presentation #104.08 in the session ISM/Galaxies - Poster Session.

Published onMay 03, 2024
Hot Gas X-ray Luminosity Function of Normal Galaxies

X-ray luminosity functions (XLF) are a critical observational measurement that can be used to test theoretical models and numerical simulations. However, most XLFs published so far are based on a small number of X-ray bright galaxies. Using ~8500 galaxies in the Chandra Galaxy Catalog (Kim et al. 2023), we build the XLFs of normal galaxies, separately for early-type and late-type galaxies and nearby and distant galaxies. We investigate multiple energy bands to examine hot gas in the soft band and X-ray binaries / AGNs in the hard band. We also, build the hot-gas XLF of normal galaxies and explore, for the first time, the possible luminosity evolution of hot gas.

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