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Surprisingly dim coronae around Milky Way-like galaxies

Presentation #104.09 in the session ISM/Galaxies - Poster Session.

Published onMay 03, 2024
Surprisingly dim coronae around Milky Way-like galaxies

Galaxies at least as massive as the Milky Way have virial temperatures exceeding a million degrees and can thus sustain massive, extended hot halos that regulate galaxy growth. The existence of such halos is supported by analytic theory, numerical simulations, and X-ray and SZ-effect measurements around nearby galaxies, including stacked X-ray emission around galaxies observed by eROSITA. These results predict X-ray coronae within 10 kpc of galaxy disks with 0.5-2 keV luminosities of a few x 1039 erg/s and surface brightness exceeding 1035 erg/s/kpc2. Here we show that several edge-on Milky Way-sized spiral galaxies with very deep XMM-Newton exposures have significantly fainter coronae only visible within a few kpc of the disk. We discuss the tension with eROSITA stacks and the Milky Way itself, the connection to SZ measurements, and the prospects for X-ray observations at higher energy resolution in absorption with Arcus-Probe or in emission with the Line Emission Mapper Probe.

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