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The Spectral Curvature of GRB Prompt Emission

Presentation #106.13 in the session Multi-Messenger Astrophysics - Poster Session.

Published onMay 03, 2024
The Spectral Curvature of GRB Prompt Emission

57 years after their discovery, the nature of the prompt emission of Gamma-ray Bursts is still elusive. The GRB prompt emission spectra have been traditionally fit to the empirical Band function, however, recent studies showed that the spectra are more complex in exhibiting multiple simultaneous emission components and multiple spectral breaks. Some studies showed discrepancies between Fermi/GBM and Fermi/LAT data when fitting GRB prompt emission with the Band function. Using a small sample of bright Fermi GRBs, we show that the observed discrepancies between GBM and LAT data are not necessarily calibration-related, but most likely model-related. Using a multi-component model, which has been successfully tested on GRBs detected with Fermi, Swift, BATSE, and Konus, as well as other physically motivated models, we show that these discrepancies can be resolved. This is important in our understanding of the prompt emission spectrum, which is particularly significant in understanding the physics of GRB; for example, in the synchrotron scenario, the particle distribution in the jet can be extrapolated from the MeV spectral slope. This in turn informs on the underlying acceleration mechanisms in the jet. In this presentation, I share the results of using fine time-resolved spectroscopy to test various physically motivated models on bright GRBs detected by Fermi.

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