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NuSTAR Search for INteresting Gamma-ray Signals (SINGS)

Presentation #108.05 in the session Time-domain Astrophysics - Poster Session.

Published onMay 03, 2024
NuSTAR Search for INteresting Gamma-ray Signals (SINGS)

We present NuSTAR Search for INteresting Gamma-ray Signals (SINGS), which is a project to search the data from the NuSTAR CsI anti-coincidence shields and X-ray detectors for gamma-ray bursts. While NuSTAR is widely known as the first focusing hard X-ray observatory, the CsI anti-coincidence shields provide a large effective area to sources far from the optical axis of the observatory (e.g., through the side of the telescope). We present the results of a post-facto search for GRBs detected by other observatories in the 2020-2022 time range, which resulted in the detection of several “famous” GRBs such as GRB 221009A and GRB 230307A. This led to the development of a “real time” detection pipeline that searches the telemetry stream for signs of GRBs and has identified roughly one GRB per month. We give highlights of this program and prospects for future detection of GRBs and calibration of the NuSTAR SINGs data.

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