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X-ray and multiwavelength polarization of Mrk 501 since 2022

Presentation #202.05 in the session AGN I.

Published onMay 03, 2024
X-ray and multiwavelength polarization of Mrk 501 since 2022

We present multiwavelength polarization measurements for the luminous blazar Mrk 501 over a 14-month period. The 2 to 8 keV X-ray polarization was measured with the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) with six 100-ks observations spanning from March 2022 to June 2023. Each IXPE observation was accompanied with simultaneous X-ray data from NuSTAR, Swift/XRT, or XMM-Newton. Complementary optical polarization measurements were also available in the B,V,R,I, J bands as well as radio polarization measurements from 4.85 GHz to 225.5 GHz. Over the six IXPE observations, we find small to no variability in the X-ray polarization degree and angle with IXPE except for the most recent observation in June 2023 with slightly elevated polarization degree at ~3 σ above the average of the other five observations. The optical and radio measurements show no apparent correlations to the X-ray polarization properties. This is consistent with the energy-stratified shock scenario established from the first two IXPE observations in which the polarized optical and radio emission is likely from different spatial regions than the polarized X-ray emission.

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