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New Messengers & New Physics: an Exploration of the High-energy Universe

Presentation #203.02 in the session Dissertation Finalists (Milena Crnogorcevic, Brenna Mockler, & Tyler Parsotan).

Published onMay 03, 2024
New Messengers & New Physics: an Exploration of the High-energy Universe

Recent detections of electromagnetic radiation in correspondence with gravitational waves (GRB/GW 170817) or neutrinos (TXS 0506+056) reignited interest in using multiple messengers to study various astrophysical systems. Astro2020 Decadal Survey recommendations point towards strengthening the multi-messenger follow-up strategies through an improvement and development of new instruments, indicating this field’s crucial role in the coming years. In this presentation, I offer an overview of three different topics I explored in my PhD dissertation—all facilitated through the current multi-messenger observation infrastructure. First, I share insights into exploring the physics beyond the Standard Model, focusing on axion-like particles & astrophysical transients. Second, I present findings from the offline, sub-threshold searches for gravitational-wave counterparts with Swift and Fermi. In the final part of my presentation, I discuss the findings from the cross-correlation studies between the astrophysical neutrinos and the unresolved gamma-ray sky. The story of my PhD dissertation is one of upper limits; nevertheless, it provides valuable insights into the properties of the considered astrophysical systems. Finally, I offer an overview of our expectations for the future gamma-ray observatories to constrain (and potentially detect) new physics.

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