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Winds from Accreting Stellar Mass Black Holes - The IXPE and XRISM Perspective

Presentation #207.05 in the session Recent Advances in X-ray Polarimetric and Spectroscopic Studies of Accreting Stellar-mass Black Holes.

Published onMay 03, 2024
Winds from Accreting Stellar Mass Black Holes - The IXPE and XRISM Perspective

With the launch and successful commissioning of the new X-ray missions IXPE (2021) and XRISM (2024), the high-energy community now has access to a pair of very different, by arguably pathfinder, technologies: X-ray polarization and high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy. Albeit different, each one of these facilities opens a different window to new phenomena. In the case of accreting black holes, massive quantities of material are displaced in form of accretion and or fast outflows. These “winds” have been observed in a diversity of sources, yet, their origin, launching, and acceleration mechanisms are still a source of strong debate. The angle polarization properties of energetic photons measured with IXPE provides direct constraints to the geometry of the accretor; while the high-resolution spectra produced by the microcalorimeter in XRISM informs about the detailed composition and dynamics of the outflowing material. In this talk I will discuss how the unprecedented capabilities of these two observatories offers a unique synergetic opportunity for studying both the accretion and ejection of matter in the strong gravity regime near black holes.

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