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Gamma-rays Probing the Supernova Engine

Presentation #301.01 in the session Stellar/Compact II.

Published onMay 03, 2024
Gamma-rays Probing the Supernova Engine

Emission from radioactive isotopes synthesized in the ejecta of supernovae provide a window into the explosion mechanism that drives the supernova. We present simulated gamma-ray spectra from thermonuclear and core-collapse explosion models in 1 and 3 dimensions. We use these simulated results to compare the diagnostic capability of the gamma-ray emission to that of simulated UVOIR light curves and spectra. We employ a broad suite of models that span diverse distributions of radioactive nickel, and are motivated by state-of-the-art explosive engine simulations. The suite of models is also used to understand the potential for observability of these objects in upcoming gamma-ray satellite missions.

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