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3D Modelling of Virgo Galaxies in Atomic and Molecular Gas

Published onJun 01, 2020
3D Modelling of Virgo Galaxies in Atomic and Molecular Gas

While there is strong observational evidence that cluster environments affect galaxy structure, and a variety of potential processes have been identified (e.g. ram pressure, tidal interactions) their relative importance remains poorly constrained. A new large CO(2-1) mapping survey of Virgo cluster disk galaxies with the Atacama Large mm Array (ALMA), VERTICO, will deliver data to address this outstanding issue. We are producing 3D kinematic models of atomic and molecular gas datacubes of VERTICO sample galaxies to extract important parameters, such as the rotation curve, surface density profile, disk geometry, and gas distribution asymmetries. Furthermore, for each modelled galaxy we generate datacubes that contain the morphology and kinematics of gas consistent with rotation (disk gas), and datacubes of the gas that is not (anomalous gas). Comparing the kinematics and morphology of disk and anomalous gas in both the H I and CO phases will illuminate how tidal and ram pressure influence cluster galaxies, constraining the physical drivers of galaxy evolution in dense environments.

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