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Multiple Overlapping Constraints of Tidal Dissipation

Published onJun 01, 2020
Multiple Overlapping Constraints of Tidal Dissipation

We will present a set of empirical constraints of the efficiency with which tidal perturbations are dissipated in main-sequence low mass stars and planets. The constraints are extracted from a number of different exoplanet and binary star populations, each extending the regime of parameters probed, yet overlapping sufficiently with others to serve as mutual cross-checks. Our analysis follows the detailed orbital evolution for each system separately, using an unusually complete treatment of the combined orbital evolution, the spin of the binary components and the evolution of their internal structures, thus dramatically reducing the possibility that the results are contaminated by missing crucial physics. In contrast to many existing analysis, based on population level summary statistics, our approach allows us to fully account for differences between individual systems within each population, producing much more reliable and robust results. Further, in many cases we fully account for observational and even model uncertainties, employing extensive Bayesian analysis. We plan to eventually extend such treatment to all systems under consideration, ensuring that any constraints produced are fully supported by the data and can be used both as empirical prescriptions in other studies and as benchmarks for theoretical models for the underlying processes causing tidal dissipation.

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