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A Solar System Moving Objects Survey Using the Evryscopes

Published onJun 01, 2020
A Solar System Moving Objects Survey Using the Evryscopes

We present a solar system, fast-moving objects survey that takes advantage of the Evryscopes’ full-sky field of view. The Evryscopes are a pair of systems each made of an array of small aperture telescopes that operate at a 2-minute cadence with a limiting magnitude of g=16. With an Evryscope deployed in the northern and southern hemispheres, we obtain a total field of view of 16,512 sq. deg. The Evryscope Fast Transient Engine (EFTE) enables us to detect short-timescale astrophysical transients ranging from artificial satellites, asteroids and other moving objects, to stellar flares. EFTE-Rocks is an automated orbit determination pipeline that takes short-timescale transients, from EFTE and associates them into tracklets based on an initial trajectory. The Evryscopes’ short cadence and enormous field of view enable us to build longer tracklets over the course of a night; which for slower moving objects, can yield well constrained orbits. We present the first results from EFTE-Rocks and discuss future development needed to improve orbit determination.

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